Guided by everyone’s right to preserve their property, under a difficult legal framework formed during the recent years to the detriment of citizens, we have managed to successfully help individuals and families to defend themselves effectively in bank debt cases, negotiations and immobile property investments and protection.

In many cases, our fellow citizens trusted upon us their efforts to start a new or resume their business in order to have a better future for themselves and their families. (founding companies, leases, purchase of equipment, negotiation of contracts, investments etc.)

Others have entrusted us with the establishment of clubs and associations, non governmental organizations of all kinds, social cooperative companies, for the (common) goals they set in their community or area of interest.

The times have caused differences between people, even in the same family. We have successfully undertaken family law cases (divorce, child custody, alimony, claims etc) always aiming at a better and more secure future.

Another area we have contributed positively to is the resolution of common property issues, as well as the fair capitalization, utilization or distribution of common property.

Undertaking the procedure of granting pensions or social security benefits is a key concern of our office.

In an unstable economic and political environment, we have been able to succesfully handle the affairs of our clients who wanted to properly manage their real estate or capital.

We have recorded a special performance in the cases of foreigners who wanted to invest in real estate in our country, to issue golden visas or to start their businesses and be financially active.

In the immediate future almost all disputes in Greece will be possible to be resolved out of court. With the same inviolable currency, new, permanent data will emerge that will affect our lives.

Mary Diacolios is a lawyer, specialized in Commercial and Tax Law and asset management, has received additional education and is a certified mediator, legally licenced by the Department of Justice.

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